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Idea #4: The Asymmetric Cubicle

Here’s an idea that’s so obvious I think ‘idea’ might be stretching it.

The cubicle on the left is ‘normal’. The cubicle on the right has the toilet off-centre, positioned between the wall and sanitary bin.

I’ve never understood why the ladies’ toilets aren’t like this.

The best case result is a sanitary bin on one side, resulting in disgruntled women having to brush up against it. (The worst case is when it doesn’t even fit in the gap, so it’s behind the door and you can’t get in, McDonalds Clapham Junction, hmm?)

Now there’s always going to be a sanitary bin in every ladies cubicle, so why not design with that in mind?

Sometimes people have – these are the toilets where it’s built into the wall, creating far more space in the cubicle and a toilet utopia. Others may have the foresight to source the bins before building the walls or partitions to make sure they fit.

But even if they do fit, wouldn’t it still be better to¬†reposition the toilet so that it’s central within the space that’s left?

(Incidentally this rule can be applied to huge toilet roll holders too)

Or am I missing something here?

Vote below! And don’t even think about voting no without telling me why in the comments!


November 5, 2010 at 3:51 pm 3 comments

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