Idea #7: What Community Toilet Scheme?

February 9, 2011 at 5:54 pm Leave a comment

Another day, and another council announces it might close some public toilets and pay businesses to let the public use theirs instead (Tendring Council, in case you’re keeping score).

Not necessarily a bad thing. 10 public toilets can become 100 community toilets for the same price. But whilst public toilets are visible in the street, recognisable, and permanent; community toilets are hidden within businesses, not well understood by the public, and the participants frequently change.

So how do you communicate a Community Toilet Scheme?

There’s the slightly inadequate sticker in the window, which you have to know to look for and which some shops are reluctant to display.

Other than that you’ve got three options: Signposts – today’s topic, Maps – tomorrow’s topic, maybe…, and Apps – see ‘Open Data’ – a whole other topic! *dramatic sigh*


Signposts are good.

Both residents and visitors can see signs. Richmond-upon-Thames, with their well established and stable scheme have installed just such things (ball of foil optional).

The downside is that they’re expensive to make and expensive to update.

During our research a couple of interviewees  (two men, ages 29 and 71) suggested signs or directions on lampposts. My local area is suffering an outbreak of government lamppost stickers (photos here and here). Not sure why… some new type of glue?!

Anyway, I’m suggesting adding to it…


Any thoughts?

Does this help?

Or am I vandalising the urban environment?




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